Tying cord Frutex

Biodegradable material for tying plants

Saves time and money

The proposed method of tying vines, fruit trees and other plants is different from the once currently used in farms by the fact that instead of traditional tying materials, a special cord is used, and instead of a knot, cord’s ends are twisted and fixed with a node-making scissors. Workers master the new method of tying plants within an hour.

In farms where the new tying method was introduced, numerous time-keeping observations were made. The observations showed that the new tying method reduces the duration of tying from 3 to 8 times.



It is a ready-to-use tying material, specially designed to simplify the work of tying plants, for industrial and home use.





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Frutex cord compared to other materials

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Biodegradable material for tying plants

Saves time and money

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